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About Armani Ar1400 Mens Ceramic Watch

This is the Armani Ar1400 Mens Ceramic Watchofficial detail.

A sophisticated classic is updated in lightweight ceramic with three-eye chronograph functionality and silver Roman numerals. Second hand Date display at 4:30 Round case, 42mm, 1.65″ Lacquered ceramic bracelet, 22mm, 0.87″ Water resistant to 3 ATM Quartz movement Imported.

Case Size: 42MM
Lug Width: 22MM
Movement: Quartz
Water Resistant: 3 ATM
Packaging: Emporio Armani Watch Box
Warranty: 2 year international
Origin: Imported

Quartz movement
Black ceramic case
Black chronograph dial
Black ceramic bracelet
Water-resistant to 30 m (100 feet)

Fengshui Tips of chinese house

Fengshui Tips of chinese house

Fengshui Tips
We now list some basic fengshui tips for the home and what we think they really mean after considering ancient fengshui as a form of symbolism to affect our psyche:
A marble table in the house is bad for one's career since it invites work stress.
What the fish? How many marble tables have you seen so far? Do you know how heavy a table made of marble is going to weigh? We think the marble table is not good for the house as it causes additional stress to the building structure.
A red sofa set too is often said to give rise to work obstacles and troubles.
Agree. I believe most people know that red, gold and yellow are auspicious colors favored by the chinese. For important happy festivals and ceremonies such as weddings and groundbreaking, these colors are often used. For example, the traditional costume for a chinese bride is red and gold - red dress, red shoes, red head dress, gold jewellery, gold embroidery on the costumes etc. However, these same colors are not used at other times. These are powerful colors that introduce a lot of positive yang energy and there is no need for so much yang at normal times. Otherwise, the delicate balance between yin and yang will be overwhelmed.
There have been modern studies of how colors affect our mood. We know that red causes aggression (remember the bull?) so we guess a sofa which is used for lazing and lounging around should not be causing such strong emotions.
By the way, the ancient emperors have imperial robes made from golden and yellow silk, and no other person whether they are commoners and officials are allowed to wear clothes of those colors. They are so damn special that they are only reserved for the emperor. It is a capital offense to be in possession of clothes made of golden and yellow silk - they charge you for trying to rebel against the country and become the emperor yourself. So why is the emperor not subjected to the above rules on powerful colors? Well, this is a special case...he is the son of heavens after all, and we are not going to argue with someone who is allowed to have hundreds of young maidens as concubines anyway.
Have sufficient lighting in the rooms because light is an important source of energy. In dim places where natural sun light cannot reach, color the walls with yellow paint to represent sunlight.
Just go buy a table lamp or a hip lava lamp. Do you really want a yellow cellar?
The bed should be placed next to a wall and not pointing towards the door.
I suppose if the bed is inline with the door, it is going to get pretty chilly at night with all the winds passing from the windows towards the door.
Remove mirrors that show reflections of yourself lying in bed.
You may get scared and thought there was another person sleeping in the room when it was just a reflection you just seen. Well, it can happen so make sure the dressing mirror does not face the bed.
The doorway should not be obstructed with shelves, shoes and other items such that positive energy can freely enter the house. is embarrassing to show an untidy doorway to your neighbors or passersby every time you open your door.
The seats should be arranged such that anyone inside the house can see the doorway clearly.
We think this is for security reasons; you will definitely not want people sneaking into the house without you noticing.
Placing mirrors in the room help positive energy reach dark corners in the room and help amplify the amount of light energy.
Blah, it is really difficult to design a room with many mirrors unless its a dance hall. It is also very distracting with all those reflections moving around. Remember suspense movies with mirror room scenes? We would not want to live in such a house.
Healthy plants represent living energy and invokes the healing and nurturing vibrations of nature while dying or withered plants attract negative yin energy.
Well, rotting plants do attract lots of pests so they should be removed as soon as possible. They look untidy and people may think that the inhabitants of the house are unkempt. That is bad for your image.
Do not place home appliances associated with water and fire together as they do will clash badly and this will cause disagreements to arise among the family members.
Does that mean it is bad to boil tap water for safe drinking? And the stove should not be placed in the kitchen where the tap and sink are located?
Do not let children sleep on the floor or else they will fall sick frequently. Let them sleep on proper beds with space between the floor and the mattress such that beneficial positive energy can flow underneath the bed.
The floor can be awfully cold at night and it is really hard and bad for the spine. Even adults are going to get sick by sleeping on the floor. The space between the floor and the mattress is probably for air ventilation and keeps the mattress fresh and cool.
Positive energy flows can be disrupted by clutter and mess in the house. Positive energy should be allowed to flow freely in the house from one room to the other.
We think it is awkward to walk around in the house if it is messy and there are a lot of unwanted stuff lying around. You just feel uneasy if your room resembles a pig sty rather than a living quarter fit for humans.
Keep the bathroom clean and its door should be closed all the time in order to avoid its negative energy to flow into the rest of the house.
We serious believe funky smells to be a form of negative energy so this rule should be strictly complied with. Just in case, make sure everyone in the house flush properly after using the bathroom.
All the doors in the house should be closed and locked during night time as you sleep such that domestic relationships are benign and no health problems will arise.

Ancient Chinese house Fengshui Tips

Ancient Chinese house Fengshui Tips

Fengshui is the ancient Chinese art of creating a harmonious relationship between man and the surrounding environment. The ancient chinese believe that natural energy flows exist in the earth, trees, rivers, streams and mountains etc. Even man made objects such as houses, buildings, roads, interior renovations can have an impact on the lives of people living nearby. While Chinese feng shui used to be a subject studied in secrecy by taoists, geomancers and fortune tellers, modern interior designers in Asian cities are becoming pretty well versed in some common applications of fengshui to improve the positive energies in the offices and homes they are in charge of. Some of the basic simpler methods of improving your home living involve very easy steps, such as rearranging furniture, placing symbols of happiness and auspiciousness at critical locations etc. If done tastefully, it will not degrade and crash badly with the style you anted for your cosy home. You can also consider the use of Fengshui Elements and Colors in the design of your house.

Chinese Fengshui Compass (Luo-pan)

Ancient cave houses found in China

Ancient cave houses found in China
BEIJING, Jan. 28 (UPI) -- Chinese archaeologists say they've found ancient cave houses that may be the earliest made by man.
A row of 17 cave houses was found on a cliff along along a river northwest China's Shaanxi province, Xinhua news service reported Wednesday. Scientists say the houses were built between 3,500 and 3,000 B.C.
Wang Weilin, deputy director of the Shaanxi Archaeology Institute, said the cave houses appear to belong to a late Neolithic culture called Yangshao. Wang said archaeologists also found pottery kilns, fragments and tools.

The General Introduction of Ancient Chinese Architecture

The General Introduction of Ancient Chinese Architecture

Architecture has been dubbed the "Concretionary Music" and has become a critical component of human civilizations. Ancient Chinese buildings are mainly timberwork structures built by the Han people as well as some excellent structures made by ethnic minorities. These ancient buildings have been developed and improved amidst the traditional Chinese culture. They gradually evolved into a close and independent architectural system between 2nd century B.C. and mid 19th century. They feature superior aesthetic values, architectural techniques and profound cultural meanings. Ancient Chinese architectural design has distributed its sharp-cut characteristics and style to a vast territory. It has also directly influenced ancient Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and some 17th century European buildings.China has a vast territory and various ethnic minority groups. As result, ancient Chinese people used different materials to build different kinds of structures according to the needs of the people in a particular area. In northern China's Yellow River area, the ancients use to build their homes with timber and yellow earth in order to keep out harsh winds, heavy rains and snow. In the south, bamboo and bulrush were also used to help avoid moisture and improve air ventilation. The bottom part of the house was usually built on support columns. In some mountainous areas houses were made mostly of stone, while in forested areas, homes tended to be well styled.
Ancient Chinese buildings underwent three major design enhancements between the Qin and Han dynasties, the Sui and Tang dynasties, and the Ming and Qing dynasties. During these three periods, several high profile buildings were constructed and improved including palaces, mausoleums, capital cities, defending works and water conservancies. The design and materials of these buildings had a great impact on following generations. The Qinshihuang Emperor Mausoleum and the Great Wall of the Qin dynasty, the Zhaozhouqiao Bridge of the Sui dynasty, as well as the Forbidden City of the Ming and Qing dynasties still display the unique charm of ancient Chinese architecture to date. Over the centuries, however, some ancient Chinese buildings have been lost due to natural disasters and war. Most of the ancient structures that remain today were built during or after the 7th century of the Tang dynasty.